Do You Remember?

Do You Remember_interiors_210x210_selfending.inddI can’t do it!

It’s not easy learning to do new things, said Mum.

But you’ve always got there in the end.






Do you remember the first time you got dressed on your own? You wanted to choose the perfect outfit.

Do you remember the first time you jumped with both feet together? You landed right in the middle of a puddle…and Grandpa got wet! But we all clapped anyway.

A celebration of all the achievements and milestones in a young child’s life, Do You Remember?  was written by Helen Docherty and illustrated by Mark Beech. It was published in the UK by Faber & Faber in February 2016, and will shortly be published in China.

You can download your very own Do you Remember?  picture frame here! Draw a picture of the first time you did something, and tell the story – see the example below. When you’ve finished, why not send ask a grown up to send it to me via my Facebook page? (Click on the icon at the bottom of this page.)


 ”A wonderful book that will spark special memories between parent and child. Enhanced with endearing illustrations by Mark Beech, this would make a lovely birthday or Mothers Day gift. With its universal message, there’s no such word as can’t, it will really help overcome struggles to learn new skills. Whether it’s the first time talking, walking or dressing, this is a delightful way to start discussion about a young one’s achievements and build their confidence.”

- South Wales Evening Post


“A beautiful picture book celebrating all the achievements of a young child’s life.  From sitting up alone to learning to dress, on each page the little girl is reminded of all the times she’s learnt something new!”

- Angels & Urchins


“This lovely book has both sentiment and story, with lots of  ‘do you remembers’ to talk about whilst you’re reading it. I really like that it uses the encouragement of past successes to urge children on to new achievements… The mother’s memories go backwards in time, which is where the tugging on the heart-strings come in, since as you read it to your little one you start to think back over the passing years and all those happy milestones you’ve made it through together. The last two are the first time the baby smiled at the mum, and the first time she grabbed the mum’s finger accompanied, of course, with sweet pictures that make you remember your own sweet babies.”

- The Book Bag


“This gentle and touching picture book takes a look at all the wonderful moments in a toddler’s life when she achieved something for the first time. All the joy of the parents is depicted in text and picture as they share in their little one’s achievements, working back from learning to ride a bike to the very first efforts to communicate.”

- Parents in Touch


“A touching story that looks back over the great achievements of a very young child.”

- The Best New Children’s Books Summer 2016 (Guardian supplement)


“A beautiful little book full of memories that’s destined to become a bit of a favourite around Mother’s Day / Father’s Day.”

- Read it Daddy


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